I didn't want this book to end.” - Jasveena P. (Malaysia, 2017)

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BOOK REVIEW A fallen angel on the run due to an international conspiracy finds himself in love in this second series installment by Baginski (Windstalker, 2015). The Evo-Nephilim, also known as windstalkers, are a species of undead shape-shifters—a cross between men and the angels who roamed the earth when it was new. Drew, a convicted murderer and former Evo-Nephilim, has been given a chance at mortality, as the Evo-Nephilim alliance has removed his aurion, the organ that makes him immortal. The angel Lothos has been assigned to relocate him away from Sam, who originally sired him into the order of windstalkers. Sam, explains Lothos, is “a rogue leader who refers to us as infidels, since we often hunt his followers.” Sam is also creating his own army of undead and has little concern for his human prey. Drew is hidden by other windstalkers in a beautiful cabin in the woods. There, he meets Nathan, a friendly, hardworking farmer with psychic gifts, and Nathan’s daughter, Amelia, a “flawless beauty” who’s hiding a big secret. The three try to figure out how to outwit Sam, how to save the humans who most need saving, and how they feel about one another. But soon the forces of darkness close in. For readers who are new to the series, this book is probably not the place to start, as the story begins in medias res and new readers won’t quite shake the sense that they’re missing crucial details. For instance, what exactly does being a windstalker entail, aside from being immortal? This and other questions are only answered deep into the book. But for others, the story offers a refreshing new perspective on a character they thought they knew, as Drew, a predator in the previous book, becomes a victim here. The depiction of Drew and Amelia’s growing feelings for each other also rings sweet and true, such as when they share popcorn and flirt while watching a movie at home, or when they check each other out as they work in the fields. Their struggles and revelations are worth the price of admission. A rich, complex meditation on love and mortality among supernatural beings.  ” - Editorial Reviewer

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This engaging book with supernatural elements will capture young adult attention. K. M. Baginski’s Rehumanized Drew deals with themes of redemption, powerlessness, and overcoming the odds, resulting in a highly engaging, electric venture in a world of shattered pasts and supernatural creatures. Drew Royce has had a difficult life. His memories are shattered, and his crimes are almost too great to count. A brief fling with the supernatural left him much the worse for wear, and that time spent with the supernatural is far from over—he is now a weapon for the Nephilim to use against their enemies. To beat the beast within, as well as the evils without, Drew must reclaim his own humanity. Then novel starts out as an electric example of young adult fiction. There is an immediate draw to its dangerous, fast-paced narrative. Scenes are well-staged, and detailed scenarios read as cinematic. The chemistry between characters comes alive in an authentic manner that is also appropriate for their ages. Drew’s memories in particular are written in a way that feels fragmented, and they become one of the novel’s great strengths. Supernatural elements are written in a way that is delightfully, viscerally human, and tense, uncertain scenes are as sharp as a knife. But as the story unfolds, the urgency of Drew’s situation drops dramatically. His situation remains tenuous at best, and the narrative becomes clogged with unneeded details, such as around shopping trips. Exchanges between characters in such scenes prove necessary, though they are lengthy and awkwardly staged. The second book in its series does not include enough information regarding, or emotional connection to, any established characters or previous events. Events come to lack personal impact as a result, even as the story remains both potent and compelling. Baginski’s ability to write characters as authentic people shines through. Drew’s voice in particular reads exactly as a teenager would speak and think. Yet character development is somewhat lacking, with some decisions remaining inexplicable, as when Drew finds himself with a stranger. There is an initial panic mentioned, but the actions that follow do not align with those of someone who really fears for their safety. K.M. Baginski’s Rehumanized Drew has the makings of a riveting entry to a young adult series. It is an engaging book that will captivate the attention of its audiences, especially those who are interested in uncertain pasts and the supernatural.” - Laura Kemmerer

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews GREAT READ! By Tanya English on March 1, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition I don't usually write reviews, but after having read this book I felt compelled to do it. Windstalker: Awareness was gripping. You are drawn in from the first chapter. The characters come to life off the page. The charisma and bravery of Mitchell are engaging. The mystery of the Windstalker will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. This book is suspenseful, exciting, and sexy. You won't be able to stop turning the pages. I love supernatural thrillers By Mommy2828 on March 26, 2015 Format: Paperback Chilling! This one will keep you warm - your heart will beat faster and faster. I love supernatural books and movies and this one is a total page-tuner. Uniquely Thrilling By G Jackson on March 25, 2015 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase “Windstalker: Awareness” is a supernatural thriller that will cause you to flash back to the story every time you feel a gust of wind. A “windstalker” is an advanced Nephilim, half angel and half man. They are damned to roam the earth without form after their human life is extinguished. This is a consequence of God’s displeasure when the angels he sent to earth to protect the humans disobeyed him and mated with the female humans. Taking the form of a wind shadow they kill humans out of their need to feed on human energy.Mitchell Geathers had survived tough times and overcome much against the odds. He got himself and his sister out of the ghetto and onto a much better path in life. As a young and successful businessman he is finally getting everything he ever wanted for himself… except Chelsea Easton. Chelsea is the beautiful best friend and roommate of his sister Gina. Unfortunately she is in love with Drew, a man sentenced to death for murder. Drew’s death marks the beginning of dangers for Mitchell and his sister infinitely greater than anything they experienced as children.I absolutely loved author K.M. Baginski’s writing style. I couldn’t help but notice the parallels to Bram Stoker’s technique, weaving reality with fantasy. The use of newspaper articles for reader believability within this story is just one of several instances. Baginski provides a panoramic view, allowing multiple characters to witness the same scene from a new vantage point in the style of Tolstoy. The writing itself is flawless without grammatical or typographical issues and has clearly been well-edited.Supernatural fans will appreciate the uniqueness of windstalkers. I do not believe I have come across them in any other supernatural tale. Though I don’t consider this story particularly gory it certainly qualifies as horror and delivers in the thrills and chills department. This is a substantial and lengthy book but once I began reading I didn't want to put it down. Partly because the writing itself is so good and as I kept reading I became more and more involved with the characters. The author is superbly skilled with dialogue, characterization, action, plot, pacing, description....and best of all providing an exceptional scare factor! Loved It!!!! By April on April 13, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I found this book to be entertaining, suspenseful, and humorous. I love the author's ability to be so descriptive with the scenes and the development of each character. Can't wait for the next installment in the series!!!!!!     ” - Various Customer Reviews of Windstalker: Awareness

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