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About the author

When not teaching science to middle-schoolers, K. M. Baginski enjoys reading and writing fiction. It was not always her dream to write but she believes serendipity likes to dwell with dreamers and the hyper-imaginative. Since childhood, she can remember entertaining helfself and family with tales extended from television or movies. She was also quite the vivid-dreamer, recalling episodes she'd only seen in dreams as if she were present in a different dimension. So when enough of those experiences added up, she decided to commit them to pen and paper.

Windstalker began as a vivid dream she had as a new adult. In it were shapeshifting, wind creatures who, quite beautifully, were filled with expressions of longing, loneliness yet embodied the anger and bitterness that come with condemnation. They were destined to be misshapen, powerful and fearsome, while wishing for the opportunity to become fragile humans. While it may not be a story for everyone, it was certainly one she wanted to share with other hyper-imaginatives, like herself.

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